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1. Skilled Workers Program: This program is for individual(s) that meet certain requirement to become permanent residence in Canada. Independent immigrants are selected based upon a point system. Points are available for Age, Education, Working Experience, Language Proficiency (English/French), Adaptability and Arranged Employment. Individuals can apply for Canadian Citizenship after three years of residency in Canada.

We at Samdat Consulting Services can advise you as whether this is available and how to achieve these vital points. Ensuring that you achieve maximum potential in each category is crucial to the success of your application and we can give you a maximum legal protection in this regard. In order to assess your case based on all immigration criteria, please complete our Online Assessment

Skilled worker application form

2. Family Sponsorship: This is for Canadian Citizens or permanent residents who resides in Canada and wants to sponsor their spouses or common law partners, dependant’s children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces who are orphans under the age of 18 and not married or in a common law relationship.
Canadian citizens residing overseas might also be eligible to sponsor their spouses and dependant children for as long as they can prove that it is their intention to settle in Canada permanently, upon issuance of immigrant visa to their spouse or/and dependant (s) that they are sponsoring.

3. Business Class: This is for individuals who want to immigrate to Canada as Investors, Entrepreneurs or Self-Employed.

4. Live in Caregiver: This program is for individuals who have relevant qualification and experience in the care of the elderly, child care and individual(s) with physical and mental disability. Individuals are required to secure employment in Canada before submitting their application to the Canadian High Commission in their country. The visa issued is for an initial period of two years. Thereafter, individuals can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

5. CAIPS FILECHECK: CAIPS is short for Computer Assisted Immigration processing System. It is the computer system used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to process overseas visa applications and it holds all the information on the current status of every immigration applications. This will help intending immigrants find out what is happening to their application and get an indication of what will happen next with their file. If applicants have been asked to attend an interview, CAIPS file notes will tell you why the interview was requested, so that you can be prepared for the interview.
CAIPS file requests are processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Ottawa, Canada, not through the local visa office. Most requests are processed and the files returned to us within 60 days.

We at Samdat Consulting Services can help you request your CAIPS file notes of your immigration file directly from Citizenship and Immigration, Ottawa, Canada. Click here to download the Authority to release personal information for us to act on your behalf to secure your CAIPS file notes.

6. UNITED KINGDOM: We assist Highly Skilled individuals to live and work in the United Kingdom under the Highly Skilled Migrants Program Other Services includes:

• Working in Canada ( Work Permits)

• Studying in Canada ( Study Permit Visa)

• Provincial Nominee Immigration Program

• Settlement and Relocation Services: Airport meet and greet, Accommodation
   search assistance and orientation package.

• Citizenship Application

• Humanitarian and Compassionate matters

• Visitor visa extensions

• Change of Status

• Refugee Claimants

Getting yourself assessed is the first step to immigrate to Canada. By doing it you will come to know if you can qualify to file your immigration case or not. Click Here

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